Saturday, November 14, 2009

#1 Challenge-Pie... QUICHE

First of all, Me and My mom created this challenge for us to try new things that we never cook it before. The first challenge that i proposed was PIE! we could make any pie, savory, sweet, anything.. I have a savory tooth, hence i ended up making this QUICHE with bacon, leeks, and onions. It's meant to be a Quiche Lorraine, but when i searched on Google, Quiche Lorraine only contains mostly meat, and no onion. Quiche that contains meat (bacon,ham), and onion, is called quiche alsacienne.

The hardest part in making this beautiful beast was the pastry. You gotta have the right consistency, and don't over work the pastry! I was quite nervous, but thankfully everything went well.. YAY! :D:D so happy..

The taste of this pie is actually really nice, soft in the middle, the pastry is also short, and crunchy(pls, eat it when it's warm). And here some of the photos..

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  1. Believe me, this pie is really delicious, its texture is so nice, and adding BBQ sauce will make it more enjoyable, at least for my appetite.
    Cheers mate.