Saturday, December 26, 2009

Honeymoon Dessert

Welcome to dessert hall of fame..

Today, I went to Honeymoon dessert, I ate some of their specialities before. But I haven't been there my self. So, here I am.

Since me, and my friend had our lunch already, we decided to share some of the desserts. We ordered tofu and almond pudding, snow white sago, durian, and banana pancake.

Snow White Sago

Tofu and Almond pudding

Durian Pancake

Banana Pancake

The dish of the day was definitely the snow white sago. The blend of milk (I'm just guessing here), fruits (banana, mango, and lychee), and pearls were perfect. The other delicious dish was the pancake, in particular the durian pancake. The pancake was soft. It became a blanket for the cream, which offset the richness of the durian (we are talking about a chunk of lovely durian here). Perfect...

However, the tofu and almond pudding was a let down for me. I found the almond taste was very strong, but the tofu actually tasted quite nice.

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