Friday, December 18, 2009

It's just an insanely good sausage roll- Bourke Street Bakery

I went to mitre10 today, to buy a portable BBQ! It means there would be some delicious BBQ coming up. Anyway, the most enjoyable moment for me today is to be able to taste the most tasties sausage roll ever. Yes, It's Bourke Street Bakery everyone.

We bought some of their famous dishes like lamb and harissa sausage roll, pork and fennel sausage roll, chocolate tart, vanilla and strawberry brulee tart and ginger brulee tart.

At the start, I wasn't sure how good this lamb and harissa sausage roll, so I just kept thinking about how good this pork and fennel sausage gonna taste. In fact, I was COMPLETELY wrong! The lamb and harissa sausage roll was superb! It was very flavoursome, a good texture going on, and it didn't taste as sour as I thought it might be (because of the harissa). Too bad, I didn't take a photo on both of the sausage rolls! But, i did take the picture of the tarts :D

Next, we cut out the pie, guess what.. The pastry was just superb, it was crumbly, and just melted straight away in your mouth *how good is that!*, the chocolate filling was really delicious, I could finish the whole pie my self. Unlike most chocolate pie that made out of dark chocolate, this one is made out of milk chocolate. yum.. yum...

The ginger brulee tart (the one with pistachio on top), and vanilla, strawberry brulee tart (just behind the ginger brulee) were really gorgeous. The vanilla, and strawbery brulee is The KING! It's custardy, the strawberry just balanced the sweet custard, and the burnt sugar at the top really completed the pie. However, I didn't really enjoy my ginger brulle tart, the caramel was really burnt (bitter), and I found the ginger was really strong.

If you go to bourke street bakery, pls make sure you get the lamb and harissa roll, the chocolate tart, and the vanilla, strawberry tart. I bet you'll be wanting for more.

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