Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost Hurricane's Pork Ribs

I've been waiting for this huge feast for weeks..
and finally, I got to eat it! :D

The preparations for the ribs, and all the side dishes are quite a pain.
Once I woke up, I cut the potato, cut the onion with tears run down from eyes *of course*...
I made my homemade BBQ sauce to baste on the ribs later..  
I started at 10am, and ate around 1pm..
haha.. it was quite a long wait...
Thx for bibi for helping me on the barbie.. :D

I felt very pissed.
After all the hectic lunch preparations, I still had to take the photos of the ribs...
AND.. my phone kept ringing...
I just can't withstand it anymore..
yes.. I cursed... a lot!! along the photo shoot .

Anyway, everything is paid off..
I wasn't sure though about how it will turn out. Since, I basically just dunk in all the herbs onto the ribs. However... 
the ribs was incredible..Reminds me of hurricane grill at bondi
And this is my first time cooked onion ring..
It was very2 crunchy...

no recipe for today.. 
too tired...



  1. Wow ayu! Looks super delicious! I'm glad I found your blog! You are very talented cook! Let me taste it for real when I'm back in Syd yaa! hehehe ;)

  2. flo... how are you?? :D
    yes, definitely.. we should cook together sometime too :D
    all the best for u in rotterdam :D

  3. Hi where can I get this interesting recipe? please I am dying for it. my email