Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nigella's visit to Australia

Hey Everyone,

I learned how to cook way back when I first arrived in Australia to continue my tertiary study. After four years, I realise that cooking is not only an open channel to good food, but also a passion and a sanctuary. This year is a starting point of my career as a chemical engineer. I remember whenever the stress of continuous assignments hit me, cooking was and still is my escape.  I feel deliberately soothed by just stirring or chopping, or even smelling the food that I cooked. Bliss!

If I have to name someone who has a great influence in my attitude towards food is the domestic goddess, Nigella Lawson. So, when a friend of mine told  me about her visit to Australia, I felt so over the moon. After a debacle along the way in meeting the goddess, I made it to Melbourne to attend her show in Melbourne Food and Wine. Meeting Nigella Lawson in person was like a dream come true. I just couldn't help myself but to smile and nod as she ran through all the cooking details and her cooking philosophy.

After the show, she threw a little book signing, let me tell you, I was so nervous that my hands were icy cold, I kept thinking what should I say to her. I kept changing all the lines, yes, I was that nervous ^^. Anyway, I finally came up with something special. That day was a day that I will remember forever. Thanks Nigella :)

I will stop right there. I think I might lose some of my senses after a month, I literally stop from chopping, and cooking. So, watch out this space. I will update it soon :)

'Till then,



  1. I LOVE NIGELLA! What series was your favourite? I liked Nigella Express

  2. Hi Millie,

    I love Nigella Christmas Kitchen the most. :)

  3. Falling in love with this gorgeous lady now! Ayu!! :)