Monday, June 27, 2011

Parmesan and truffle fries

Hi Everyone,

During my recent trip to Westfield shopping center, me and my beloved stumbled on this burger joint, he ordered wagyu beef burger and parmesan and truffle fries based on my suggestions (I just have to take some credit for introducing him to these devilishly good grub!). Let me tell you the fries was awesome!! Felt like every bite we took was heaven on earth, it was simply divine!

Days spent without having this little beauty made me crave for it even more. Seriously, once you bite into it, you just couldn't stop, and you don't want to stop. I had some other truffle fries before, but I found that the truffle note in some other fries were too over powering to my liking, but it was prefect that night. The fries were warm, salty because of the Parmesan, and beautifully infused with truffle.

As you can see, my level of addiction was so high that I decided to give this beauty a go. Another perfect occasion in finishing up my 2 kg of potatoes. I have a habit of overloading my cupboard and buying stuffs that I think I will use it for good anytime soon, in the end I always leave it untouched until it's almost gone bad!!! Anyway, I used hand cut chips here, but you can easily substitute it with any fries you prefer at your convenience. The thing that you have to get it right is the strength of the truffle oil you used! You have to use something higher than 5% truffle infusion. Below 5%, the smell is too delicate and you will end up use more oil and your fries will be too soggy and greasy.  So, watch out for that!

Without further a do, here is the recipe :

Parmesan and truffle fries

400 g potatoes  (use starchy potatoes)
1/2  to 1 tbsp white / black truffle oil (adjusted to your liking)
12 g Parmesan cheese, grated
oil for frying

1. Cut the potatoes using mandolin into super thin julienne.
2. Wash potatoes for 3-4 times until the starch is completely washed off, drain the chips well
3. Fry the potatoes in a hot oil (170C) until for 2-3 minutes, take it out, and let it drain and cool slightly, and fry it again until golden brown, drain well.
4. Scatter a bit of salt, and toss them well.
5. Just when you about to serve it add the truffle oil, and Parmesan cheese.
6. Serve 4 or simply 2 hungry and greedy people.

'Till then



  1. omgs how addictive are c&c truffle fries! i think about them all the time and now im dying to make them too!

  2. hey Suze,
    Indeed, they are really addictive! :D I just couldn't stop myself from eating them!

  3. WOW, both the fries and your photos are outstanding! I just want to dive in right now.

  4. Oo, truffle fries...I've never had them but I LOVE fries so I'm sure I'd be as addicted as you.
    Your fries look delicious.

  5. Those fries sound and look amazing! What an awesome flavor combination. Great clicks too.