Saturday, January 2, 2010

Martabak Manis

After 10 wonderful days in Jakarta, I had to go back to Syd facing another challenging and tiring days that are about to come. The night before the 7 hour flight, I went to martabak manis stall. I have been to this shop since I was little. Even the vendor still remember me. :D

I ordered my favourite topping CHEESE! In fact, I also fancy the sesame and cheese topping. So, here I posted the photos of him making my order.

If you see the amount of milk, sugar, cheese, and butter smeared over the top of martabak, you might think twice before you eat it. But, who can resist this glorious piece of martabak manis. Well, I can't...

(butter, butter, and butter smeared on martabak)

There are 2 types of butter normally used in martabak manis, which are blue band(can you spot it on the first pic?!), and wijsman butter (red can *first pic*). As we know, " Too much of a good thing is always great".. The more butter they put in, the better the taste of martabak. Personally, I love wijsman butter better, since it tastes way nicer than blue band. AND, wijsman has higher fat content. Again, too much of a good thing is always great!

At this stage, I don't really care about the weight I put into my body anymore. It's just pleasure, and pleasure in every bite of this beautiful beast...(However, I still have to remind myself to be on diet after eating this martabak manis ^^)

Hope these photos can make you salivating.. :D:D

Happy New Year 2010 ^^

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  1. OMG! martabak manis photos (shielding my eyes, or i'll CRAVE uncontrollably)


    i miss both jakarta & sydney T_T