Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday cook off

Sunday.. Time to lay down, relax, and unwind.. But, not today...
I need to pull up my sleeves for the cook off in the kitchen.
Today, I cooked 3 dishes.. 1 for afternoon tea, 2 for our dinner..

Chocolate Pear Pudding w/ Chocolate Sauce

The Pear pudding was okay for me.. Nothing special. Although, It did answer my curiosity about the combination between chocolate and pear..
However, I don't blame the food, but the weather..
What was I thinking??! Chocolate in Summer..
Hot and HOT..
Non sense..
It just didn't fit in..
*try again on winter*

Crunchy Beef with Worchestershire Sauce

My idea was to replicate my mom's signature dish.. I failed for a couple of times before..
But I nailed it today...
Although, It was a bit too sweet rather than a balance between sour, and sweet..
But hey, It was a promising step, don't you think?!
The beef in fact, need a corn flour/starch before drenched them in the coating mix.
It was dry after double deep fried.

Sweet Corn Soup

I love this soup.. very light and fresh..
For me, It completed the meal..
Today, I used chestnut starch instead of the normal corn starch
They do thicken the sauce but give some sort of transparent sauce, better than corn starch.
Love it! ^^

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