Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journey to the deep South- South Restaurant

Hi peeps..
As you may know from my last post..
I was looking forward to taste all the state's goodness.

After a long wait, and countless searched for the most trusted restaurant..
I finally found it..
2 days ago,  me, and friends went to South at Neutral Bay...

As we entered, we were welcomed by the waitress, and she showed us our table..
In a couple of minutes, We ordered many southern staples such as...

This lemonade was the best in my culinary experience book..
It was sweet, and a little bit sour at the same time..
Very2 refreshing..
Top Notch!

Bread and butter
This was the complimentary bread

Crawfish Pie
I love the combination of yabbie, the creamy sauce and voul au vent..
Although, I wish I could get more yabbie :D:D

 BBQ ribs
Have you ever considered the ribs that just fall of their bones??
This was IT!
This is the dish that I will definitely recommend..
Unlike, most ribs that taste a bit sweet, this one will take your palate into different direction..
The sauce was tangy, spicy...
Have I mentioned the meet just fell off the bone??
* Oh HAIL BBQ Ribs*

 Here comes the main.. Baby..
Some of us were a bit disappointed since, The deliciousness of the pulled pork sandwich wasn't as what they expected..
But...I disagree...
It was just too good.. the pork was tender, and yes, the BBQ sauce just took it to another level.
*maybe we were too full after the entree*

I ordered this country fried steak
A cut of sirloin was deep in a crunchy batter, and topped with a black pepper white sauce
The beef was great, and the portion was big..
I was very full, after the entree..
Although, this was good, I couldn't finish it..
 The sauce was quite mellow, however, the greens was salty
so, it gave the beef a body of flavor..

Sadly.. I have no room for dessert any more..
Definitely will come back again..

South Restaurant

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