Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day Cupcake!

I'm so glad that I can finally post this..
I just had a melt down after dealing with fondant..
I screwed like hell!!!

In my mind, I always have a notion that decorating cupcakes with fondant will be dead easy...
In fact, I spent hours to be fooled by this fondant..
Somehow, this fondant didn't dry * does it suppose to be dry?*
Whenever, I pulled it, It teared apart..
What am I supposed to do??

The morning after, I finally stretched my self and prepared the ingredients for the icing
*I gave up with fondant*
Thank goodness..
The icing turned out very well..
fluffy, and nice..
I used egg whites, and sugar syrup here..
With no irish background what so ever...
Happy saint patrick's day.. :D