Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Chocolate Cake

I have a love affair with cake that looks simple, yet pretty.
What I meant by simple.. The filling is sandwiched between 2 layer cake..
with no cream what so ever on the side..
Simple.. and pretty..

That's what I actually attempted today..
I wanted to make a chocolate cake with buttercream.. topped the cake with another buttercream..
and scattered the cute small eggs
I love a rich, oily buttercream..
It takes me right back to my childhood.. ^^
Where most my birthday cakes were covered by this heavy buttercream.
Nowadays, people prefer the light cream, such as whipped cream..
for health, and taste reasons..
But, me.. Buttercream is the real deal!!

The chocolate cake was moist, and very chocolaty. 
The cream was satiny smooth, with a much lighter taste than I thought..
Amazing ^^

I'm happy with this cake..
It has been along time ago, since I had a buttercream on my cake 
lovely.. ^^


  1. ayu, they're so cute yet beautiful and very tempting! haha. happy easter! :D

  2. Thx mon.^^
    Happy easter too