Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fried Chicken Steak with beer and black peppercorn gravy

This morning, I overslept...  I slept at 3 am, and should woke up at 8am for my 9am class.
In fact, I woke up at 8.45 am..
I couldn't be bothered to go to UNI anymore..
So, I just tucked myself back in the blanket for another hour.
Oh autumn.. Whenever you come, I just wanna stay in bed all day.

Yesterday, I was thinking about fried steak, and gravy.
Some translate fried steak as crumbs covered fillet of beef or chicken
Some refer it as a normal steak with plain flour being coated onto the beef or chicken..
I actually prefered the crumbs covered one..
Since, everything crispy will just buy me literally...

So, I try to make my own fried steak and gravy...

The chicken was very tasty. The crumbs was crunchy although I left it for 15 minutes for the photo session.
:(ly, The gravy was a bit plain.
It lacked a little bit of uummphhh.. 
I used a random beer, which tasted almost like water, but smelled like a beer..
The kick just wasn't there..
But, It was a good start.. 

That's it for now..
Happy Easter Everyone 

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