Saturday, August 28, 2010

Korean Bread??

Hi Everyone,

After having a spending spree for props lately, I felt very guilty. Yes, I spent quite a fortune for something I've always believed that I will need it. Oh well!! habit.. what can I say!! :(
Hence, I decided to have more of a self control today. I accompanied my parent's friend today, and we went to a korean shop. *temptation #1*

I kept on telling myself " you don't need this, you don't need this!!" Did it work? yes, until I saw a very interesting nibble! * yes, I was so tempted!!* I asked the shopkeeper what it was, but we had a bit of language problem, so I just bought it anyway.

Then, we ran down to woolies *temptation #2*, and saw these scrumptious strawberries..I love to believe that they actually called my name when I stood near them. OOh.. It's difficult my friend. I felt very-very bad after that. * Yes, I bought 'em*  oh gosh!! no more shopping around.. :(:(

Anyway, Once I got home, I toasted the what I called pancake. Just one bite, I fell in love with it already. It was a bread, with almost like kaya (see here) type of filling. It's delish!! I loved it..
When you pair this bread with strawberry that has a tinge of sourness. It's perfect. Perfect afternoon tea for me..

So, my readers, please let me know if you have an idea of what bread is this? and how to eat this properly?



  1. hai yu, itu kayaknya hoddeuk deh, korean hot cake inggrisnya.. km coba googling deh, mgkn itu yg km maksud? :)

  2. Hi monica,

    kayaknya bener deh itu hoddeok.. :D:D
    thank you udah di kasih info :D