Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forest Berries Granita

Hi Everybody,

Are you lovin' the weather? Truthfully, I won't say I love spring, or summer. My love is and will always be for winter and autumn. But, I can't resist the fruits that are in season during spring and summer.. They are wonderfully delectable, and there are gazillion of them *I might be a little exaggerating here*. Amongst all the berries available, I put my heart and soul to the blueberries. They are not too sour, and are amazingly sweet. *you always have a huge place in my culinary heart, baby:)*

During summer, when the berries are in season, I will normally buy quite a lot of berries. Then,  I freeze them, so whenever I need them during days where they are not around, I know that I am safe and sound.. 

Anyway, go back to the business. I was struck by jamie oliver recipe's today. Do you know what I love about him? * well Nigella, you are still my number one.. I promise* 
He is so passionate, and it is fun to watch him cooking. His great fondness about ingredients really brighten up my culinary horizons. And his style of cooking is very liberating. Add this.... add that....There is no certain rules what so ever, so cooking can be less frightening!! :D
So, I came across his granita recipe..  *this is another thing I love about him, basic recipe, and you spin it upside down and create or invent *in a more scientific term* a new dish every now and then, how cool is that!*
Another gratifying thing about this recipe is that you don't need any hardcore heavy machineries to turn this into a reality.  So, what are you waiting for? Give it try!

Here is the recipe:

Forest Berries Granita
Adapted from Jamie Oliver

700 ml forest berries fruit juice
4-5 sprigs lemon thyme
100 gr sugar
300 ml water

1. Place the sugar, water and lemon thyme in a pot, turn on the heat, stir occasionally
2. Once the sugar is dissolved take it out of the heat to cool
3. Take out the lemon thyme, mix the sugar and water mixture with the fruit juice
4. Pour the liquid mixture into a shallow pan or dish
5. Let it refrigerate for 3 hours
6. When the mixture is slightly set , scratch the mixture with a fork, working from outside in, till you have raked through the whole block.
7. Let it refrigerates for 1 hour, and do No 6. again
8. You may keep scratch the mixture until it resembles the texture that you are after.
9. Serve it in a hot sunny day

Kitchen notes:
1. You may substitute the forest berries juice with any fruit juice, or you may also use any fruits, just put in a blender, until smooth, and strain any pulp through
2. No lemon thyme?! no fuss, just change it with lemon grass, lemon zest.. You will be fine..
3. Don't throw the lemon thyme away, you can pat it dry and put in with your caster sugar *your sugar will be amazingly scented*
4. The more you repeat No. 6 the finer the ice crystal will be. * I did mine 3 times*



  1. yum i love granita! i can eat bowlfuls of the stuff!

  2. Yea.. same here. I ate almost of all them.. so good!! :D