Friday, October 29, 2010

Perfection in chocolate chip cookies

With such an unpredictable weather, cold, sunny, windy, rainy all in a day.. Sydney's weather can seriously put you off from going out.  However, I sometime can't even be more thankful since I can stay at home, and whip up something that just right to suit the mood of the weather.

Imagine the smell of warm cookies wafting in the air. I can tell you that everything will be much more forgiving after you smell this enticing aroma.

As many righteous people said if you want to do a dessert, do it correctly!! 
I did what I was told..
I present to you a perfection in a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.
The chocolate, cookies and ice cream itself already part of my dessert hall of fame, which make this combo are even harder to beat.

The easiest bit of making this concoction is the used of a shop bought ice cream, where you can pick any flavour  that you prefer from the icy cold shelf at your nearest supermarket and don't even bother of getting yourself into all the troubles.
But, if you are a perfectionist and don't mind in getting into all of the trouble to make your own ice cream, please.. be my guess.. :)

Back on to the business..

There is no cookies recipe that will please everybody, since you might like a crisp cookie,  while I like my cookie to be soft in the center and slightly crisp on the outside. I like the cookie to be rather big than small *greedy*. Etc..Etc..Etc..

So what is the perfect cookie like? I can't even answer that question.

But if you come to me and ask, do you have a secret that you hold deeply and closely to your heart for a perfect slightly crisp on the outside, and soft within the cookie, I can safely say I have the ANSWER.
I guard this recipe with my heart and soul, and it always.. to safe and heal me from the worst day of life! * I can get emotional when I talk about cookie! and it's normal! ^^*

So here is the recipe
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Adapted from King Arthur Flour

140 g light brown sugar
130 g sugar
110 g unsalted butter, room temperature
110 g shortening (I used lard, you can use veggie shortening) 
3/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vinegar
1 egg
300 g chocolate chip (milk, or dark whatever you fancy)
240 g plain flour

1. Pre-heat the oven 180C
2. Combine brown sugar, caster sugar, butter, shortening, salt, vanilla, baking powder, vinegar,  incorporate them well
3. Add the egg, and mix well
4. Add the flour, and chocolate chip mix well
5. If you want to make 9-10 cm in diameter cookies, use an ice cream scoop or make a ball out of the dough about 5 cm in diameter.
6. Flatten them slightly, and bake for 15 minutes
5. If you want to make 6 cm in diameter cookies, use an ice cream scoop or make a ball our of the dough with 3-3.5 cm in diameter.
6. Flatten them slightly, bake for 15 minutes
7. Let it cool slightly on its own tray for 5-10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack.
8. Transfer the cookies to an air tight container.
I have to warn you that this cookie will be slightly firmer, so if you find that it's a bit hard after a day. Don't worry :) It still taste amazingly good. 

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and Happy Halloween too from Mr. Fredricksen ( papercraft toy can be found here)

Until then,