Saturday, February 5, 2011

I ain't churros!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: The following recipe is not..once again.. it is not!! churros recipe. However, this sweet treat is amazing.. So please keep reading..

If you want me to name what food I love, I can go on.. and on.. and on..So, please stop me!!
I know what I eat... well, most of the time.. But not all the time..
I used to have this snack, it is crunchy, slightly sweet, and it is deep fried (everything deep fried is always good!)
But, as I said before, I had no idea what it is called.
I tried to describe it to my mom, how it looks like, how it tastes.. But, nah.. She couldn't picture it.
I was so desperate that I thought.. that's it.. no more that sweet and crunchy snack for my whole life!!

After years, I think God knew how painful it is to stop eating things that you love..
So, He gave me one more chance...
I once opened my mom's cookbook treasure trove (I have this crazy habit that I love to make myself salivating or hungry by looking at recipes).And, I found it!!!
My heart was raising and packed full of joy!! No kidding..
It's called akar kelapa or the word for word English translation is coconut root.

This snack is Eid ul-Fitr's staple in some area in Jakarta. I love Eid ul-Fitr, although I don't celebrate it, the food are gloriously good, and there are always savoury and sweet treats available to offer the guests (Yay to festive season!). The recipe is taken from the food magazine from Indonesia, called Santap. It said there that if you are looking for a long lasting crunch, try to grind your own rice flour. The freshest, the better..(I couldn't be bothered to do so!).

So, my readers, please don't knock it off, until you try it! ^^

Here is the recipe..

Akar Kelapa

300 g rice flour
60 g glutinous rice flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 egg yolk
50 g butter
75 g caster sugar
1/4 tsp salt
200 ml coconut cream
2 tsp vanilla

1. Combine rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and bicarbonate soda, and shift it.
2. Cream butter, and sugar until it's creamy
3. Add in egg yolk, and salt, and vanilla to the butter mixture
4. In 2-3 addition, alternately add the flour and coconut milk into the butter
5. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle ( I used loyal star nozzle no.5)
6. Preheat vegetable oil in a deep-fryer or deep-sided saucepan to 180C. Carefully pipe 10 cm swirls into oil and cook, turning occasionally, until golden and cooked through, or until golden brown (be careful as hot oil may spit).

And finally, Happy Chinese New Year, May this rabbit year brings happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

'Till then,



  1. happy chinese new year! that last pic is beautiful dude!

  2. Thanks suze :D Happy chinese new year to you too :)

  3. happy CNY ayu.. :)
    aku tau nih akar kelapa, sering makan jugaa.. hihi.
    ur pict is getting more gorgeous and gorgeous everyday deh yu..

  4. Happy Chinese New Year Mon :)
    iya.. makanan masa kecil :) hihi
    Thank you mon :):)