Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's day breakfast

It's almost here, the day when you shower people you love with all sweet things imaginable. From chocolates to flowers, from candies to greeting cards, from dining out at the fancy restaurant or even dining in at the comfort of your house. You guess it, Valentine's day is here.

For me,  I love something old school like cooking breakfast on the big day, with flowers or a present on the table. I believe that the tiny details that people often forget is the key for a perfect valentine's day. So, today I prepared a recipe for valentine's day breakfast...

Let's get cracking.

Since I am about to say good bye to stone fruits (autumn is coming real soon), I think this is the perfect time to make something with it. Among peaches, nectarines, and plums, I adore white peaches, I think they are simply the best.

So here is the recipe for my white peaches and ricotta croissant.

2 croissants, cut in half
2 white peaches, cut into wedges
100 g ricotta
1 tbsp butter
100 ml maple syrup
1 tbsp of toasted slivered almond

1. Brush the croissants with a little maple syrup, and grill them until golden.
2.  Melt the butter in the pan, add the white peaches in batches and turn occasionally until just tender and slightly golden (3-4 minutes), remove from the pan.
3. Assemble: Spread the grilled croissants with ricotta, top with white peaches and drizzle with extra maple syrup to serve, and sprinkle with some almond.

Happy Valentine's Day

'Till then,



  1. yum! very interesting, Yu..
    Happy Valentine's Day.. :)

  2. I love the pairing of ricotta and fruit together, but I would never have thought to eat it on croissant! What a nice idea.

  3. Indeed! I think the croissant just take it to another level. :D

  4. @ Monica : Thank you Mon. Happy Valentine's day to you too :D Hope you have an awesome one :D