Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sodium Overdosed.. SPAM!!

I love this little baby since I was a kid..
Whenever my mom was pressed for time..
SPAM always was there to save the day..
Well, back then.. 
We had no idea the existence of spam..
what we knew was MALING.
and actually
except the fact that Maling is the chinese version of SPAM

So.. today, me and my sister confronted the spam
by trying to be as creative as possible to dress the spam into something else..

This SPAM Musubi
I saw this dish in No Reservations episode in Hawaii..
There is a restaurant in Hawaii which is devoted for SPAM loverSSS..
every dishes has SPAM..
Everything is spam * WELCOME to the world of SPAM*
~You'll be surprise, how mild the spam become in this spam musubi~

Next is my truly creation..
I called it Inari with Sauté Spam
~ The addition of chili, and spring onion enhanced the flavour.
The sweetness of the inari cut through the saltiness of the spam..
Great flavour combination~

My sister's dish is Spam with Crunchy Noodle

~Everything deep fried is always good..
Crunchy, salty, and it still retained its soft interior. Perfect ~

And The Verdict..
The SPAM musubi came third,
The SPAM with Crunchy Noodle came Second
My inari with Sauté Spam is the Champ!!

Here is the recipe..
You'll get 4 inari in total..
Want more?? just double or triple it.. ^^

1 cup of chopped spam
1 chili, chopped roughly
1 spring onion, chopped finely
1 tsp oil
Sushi Rice, steamed, and seasoned with sushi vinegar

1. Heat up the oil on a pan
2. Add in the spring onion, and spam, cook until the spam caramelise on the outside
3. Add in the chili, mix well
4. Turn off the heat, set a side.

1. Fill the aburage with sushi rice, until 3/4 full
2. Spoon the saute spam on to the sushi rice
3. Serve..

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