Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taste of Sydney 2010

Hello Sydneysiders...
I always feel jealous towards Melbourne-ians..
Since, many great cooking courses are held in Melbourne..
and also..
I have to say, that Melbourne is the food epicenter of Australia..

Therefore, when I knew that they have this event called Taste of Sydney..
My body and soul were loaded with excitement..

You'll be exposed by many exhibitors from food to wine industries..
Those include all kitchen gadgets, and wine tasting too.

But, the most exciting thing is I can sample some of the dishes from Sydney's finest restaurants..
I have to say, they were really expensive for my uni student's budget..
Oh well.. I just can't help it..

There are rules in purchasing all the meal, and wine...
You have to purchase what they called " Crown book"
1 Crown = $ 1.
Crown books are available in $10, and $30 dollars..
and NO REFUND! *use it wisely!!*

The night before, I already browsed on the menu. 
Since, I can't afford to waste my time there *every single second was priceless*.. 
and here are some of the photos of the food that I sampled.

Quail Breast & Truffled Risotto Croustillant
Berowra Waters Inn

I liked this combination, the flavour was nice, and the quail breast was really moist.
Sadly, I didn't really enjoy the Pea puree.

Chilled Vinchyssoise, Salmon Caviar, Hawksebury River Oyster Beignet
Berowra Waters Inn

The oyster was crunchy, very delicate, and left you a bit of bitterness afterwards.
I loved the chilled Vinchyssoise, It was flavoursome, and very light. 

Paella ala Maestre
El Toro Loco

Sadly, I didn't try this. It wasn't ready when I reached there yet..
FYI, They used 2 of this huge pan.

Paella ala Maestre
El Toro Loco

Yellow Fin Tuna with Sweet Pork Crackling and Ruby Grape Fruit
Flying Fish

I'm not a big fan of raw food. But, I try to push myself to try it.
I loved it.. The sauce was really good. It complimented the dish very well

Wagyu Beef Daube with Paris Mash
Guillaume at Bennelong

When I tasted this, both me and my sis were full
We didn't really enjoy this as much as we would..
The beef, I have to say, was very tender. It flaked apart as soon as you put your fork in.

Crispy Wagyu Beef with Wild Mushroom and Truffle Foam 

I loved this one..
The beef inside was very delicate, and the sauce just bind everything in a harmony 

Vanilla Panna cotta with Lavender honey, and fresh Pomegranate
Jonah's at Whale Beach

This was the best dish I tasted so far..
The panna cotta showed its wobbly moves..
As you spoon it into your mouth,
It just melted straight away..
Love it.. 

"Saucy Tart" with Chocolate Mousse and Liquid Raspberry Center
Danks Street Depot

I'm not a fan of dark chocolate...
 The tart was way bitter to my liking.
However, the mousse was very nice.. 
Dark chocolate lover will come back for another bite, definitely.

In spite of all the food bonding today..
I was really surprised..
When I was busy taking photos of the food, I spotted Matt Moran..
I came forward, tried to snap him,
He saw me holding my camera..
you know what??!!
He posed to my camera...

how nice he is!!
he is Matt Moran, Head Chef at ARIA Restaurant, Syd..

 Matt Moran

I also spotted Pete Evans.. He is one of the judges from My Kitchen Rules..
But, I didn't have a chance to snap him.. Too bad.. :(

I really enjoyed this experience, although I almost went broke*no dining out for the next 2 weeks*
.. hahaha..

Bye for now..


  1. ironic that I spent my whole afternoon working, getting extra cash, while you went for a pocket draining lunch.

    neways, glad that you found this opportunity to get a real touch on the industry you've always dreamed of..

  2. ayu, that was a really nice event! wish i could taste them too.. hihihi. panacotta nya ngiler-in banget dehh.. hehe. :)

  3. iya, panna cotta nya enak banget.. lembut banget :D:D musti coba..

  4. VONS:
    ahh-ha! :)) sooooo prettyyy! we're looking forward to ayu's panna cotta soon!

  5. itu foto panacottanya jg bagus, yu.. hehe. ikutin lomba foto! sapa tau menangg.. hihihi. ada satu event namanya DMBLGiT.. ada di infonya.. :D

  6. VON : Fingers crossed :D:D

    Monica: wah,thank you.. ntar di liat2 lombanya.. thank you mon, suggestion nya :D:D