Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strawberry and Anzac Biscuit Swirl.

I'm back...
You might notice I rarely post something these days..
Yes... I've been busy.. Sleep in the early morning.. Wake up in the afternoon..
Pimples everywhere.. Sad..

Anyway,  Every Anzac Day, I always have Anzac Biscuit in the pantry..
I love the chewiness, and its crunchiness at the same time..
And it is packed with oats, coconut. *smells fantastic too*

Today, I made this little swirl 
of anzac biscuit, puree of strawberries, and yogurt..
It is a nice snack, and a fancy breakfast as you might notice.
It is somewhat a different form of oats, yogurt, and berries *Classy* 
I used frozen strawberries here.
I don't normally use this... Since, I want this cutie really badly..
I grabbed the packaged, and here I am...

Strawberry and Anzac Biscuit Swirl

Ingredients :
1 and 1/2 cup  frozen strawberries
4 tbsp icing sugar *you can add more*
1 cup greek yogurt *or use any natural yogurt you like*
3 pieces anzac biscuit, chopped (It is chewy so It's hard to be bashed)

Directions :
1. Blend the frozen strawberries *use blender*, with 4 tbsp icing sugar, until smooth
2. Add a layer of cookie crumbs into a glass of your choice
3. Top it with the yogurt
4. Top it with strawberries puree
5. Do it all over again

Serves 4 people (if you use small glasses)
OR 2 hungry people ( my glass is huge)..
OR 1 greedy person *like me ^^*!!

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  1. aduh, cantik bgt.....
    ngiri d liat blognya...
    keren abizz....