Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cafe Pacifico

Hello Everyone,
I traveled down to Mexico.
not literally definitely..
We went to darlinghurst for dinner.
Let me introduce you to
Cafe Pacifico

We were greeted nicely by mexican ornaments hanging on the ceiling, a lot of candles, and happening songs!

We were settled for what we wanted to order.
However, we didn't read the menu on the web correctly.
The menu they provided on their web is banquet menus!

It took quite a while for us to decide.
Finally we settled with fish taco 

This was yummy...
The fish was battered and fried
The sauce was awesome. Really brought everything together.
It was very refreshing starter, and B couldn't stop munching!!

The 2nd course is combination beef and chicken Fajitas!

I have a confession to make: I love FLAT BREAD. 
 From Lebanese bread, to tortilla
I love the fact that they served the tortillas in tortilla warmer.

I like this fajitas. However, B didn't seem very happy with this one.
Overall, this dish was okay. Nothing really stood up.

Next we ordered the Special Burrito 
Succulent chopped meat loaded inside the tortilla.
Accompanied by a dollop of sour cream
And Rice.

I like this dish. The chopped meat was superb!
However, the rice was a little let down to the dish for me
It was very dry, and a little bit hard too.

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience of going into this restaurant.
It felt like you've been transferred to another part of the world.

So tell me, my readers, Do you have any particular Mexican dish that you are really fond of?
95 Riley St
East Sydney NSW 2010
(02) 9360 3811

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