Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mighty Pan Pizza : Eagle Boys

In the middle of cold weather and rumbling stomach
I need to call someone that I know for sure will save my day..
YES!! The Take Aways..!!
Among the many choices including thai and chinese, I settled with pizza..
we are not talking about any gourmet pizza, domino's, or pizza hut here.
I'm talking about the pizza chain business that has a newly opened branch in Maroubra
Behold everybody.. It's the EAGLE BOYS!

I looked at their menu.
Guess what.. They have PAN pizza..
I'm a die hard fan of PAN and Stuffed Crust PIZZA!
Not THIN or MEDIUM thick
Pan pizza is more filling, bready, as well as a unique crust on the edges.
*yes, I'm a needy greedy person*

So, I ordered 3 LARGE PAN pizzas

BBQ meatlover
Do you notice that it's loaded with tons of meats??
The pizza was filling, and surprisingly crunchy on the edge of the pizza (Do you see the bubbles around the edges??)
the best thing ever was their BBQ sauce.
The pizza was smothered with tantalising BBQ Sauce
Enough said..

Super Supremo

I had never been a fan of supreme.
But, my sis demolished this with no problem
It was a sign of goodness definitely


Among the three, this one was the most standard one. Nothing really stood out apart from the crust that I've been mentioning since the beginning.

Total  = A$ 30.00 (delivered)

 Recap: If you are looking for a good hearty, bready, thick pan pizzas which are loaded with delicious toppings and longing for a nice crust from the edges of this round beast..
then.. Those Eagle Boys would safe you from your cravings with
 a little damage done to your pocket.  

~Oh boy, I have three boxes of pizza which will be my dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner again. for at least 3 days!!What a happy life!! *GONE DIET GONE!!*~


  1. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaa........... mupeng deh T_T

  2. :) iya ta.. pizza nya mantep!! :):)

  3. This looks so good! I'm going to try it
    Love Pizza. It may be my fav food!
    Pizza Equipment