Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Older!! :)

Hello Everyone, 
Today is my birthday! YAY!
Cake # 1

I always love birthdays!!Who doesn't?!!
I love it when you can make a wish and blow the candles..
Since, I believe, if you made a wish before you blow your candle, it will come true.
* I like to believe it*
I got a nice surprise from B, my sis and friends!!
and I also got 2 cakes... and Presents..

Let me share with you a glimpse of what did happen yesterday nite!  *not much food though*
 Cake # 2

 Cute Props  from N 

 I love THIS!! from My Sis

n.b. Notice the change in Pajamas?!  The last two photos were taken after I cleaned myself 
from all the love my friends shared with me by THROWING eggs, flours, cokes all over me!!!..
Thank you so much guys for all the presents and lovely surprise.
All the best for you too..

Good Nite