Saturday, June 12, 2010

A visit down to memory lane : Tony Roma's Sydney

A visit to Tony Roma's is always memorable
Those foods brought me down to memory lane..
I remembered I ordered the exact same things when I was 16 years old
We were seated near the wood fire..
I felt like I dined in at someone's home.
Very cozy and warm..

We were given a complementary bread.
However, I was quite disappointed with the butter. 
The butter was packed with herbs and pepper. However it was cold and a little bit hard..

We were already settled with what we wanted to order even before we read the menu ^^
So, we straight away ordered their famous Onion Loaf..

As usual, It was amazing. However, I regretted the decision in getting the full loaf instead of the half..
Too much onion for that night..
Too much of a good night is not always wonderful!!

The second order came in..
Yes, The Fire Wings..

I couldn't stop praising this beast while I ate..
The blue cheese dipping sauce was super creamy..It cut through the rich wing's sauce!
and the wings and drummettes were still crunchy..
They were so fingerlickingly DELICIOUS !!

Since we wanted to try all sauces offered for the ribs
we ordered the star studded sampler..

We gave up after a few bites..
The onion already filled up our stomach to the max..
So, we asked them to pack it home for us.
It was a very windy night..
Not so good for going out...

B ordered the strawberry milk shake.
It was nice and creamy..

While me.. Yea.. I settled with water..

After that onion madness, my stomach was very unfriendly..
Oh man!!

Lesson #1 : Don't eat too much onion ring!!

Hope you have a pleasant weekend everyone. Go Socceroos beat those Germans!

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